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Who was he before 626?

John Schmidt - Mr.626


John is a prime example of the American Dream.

Born in Keokuk, Iowa.

He grew up in a small rural town, playing baseball as a kid, then he took up golf and played throughout his High School senior years.

He also was at the top of his game in Collegiate golf.

John didn't pick up a pool cue until he was 18 years of age.

In his late teens, he worked everyday jobs, and played pool as a hobby ...until he met Bobby Hunter.

Under the watchful eye of Bobby Hunter, he quickly gained a passion for the game of straight pool aka 14.1

After surpassing his mentors high runs on several occasions, Bobby  pulled him aside, and suggested that the young protege take his talents to the next level. And he did.

He often refers to this as the scariest moment in his young life.

He went forward and turned his new found passion into a career.


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